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Nearly all Sasta products are manufactured in the EU, with a minority produced in selected factories in China and India. Thanks to our established supplier relations, we are confident that the products are produced responsibly and meet our high quality criteria. We continuously work together with our partners to ensure best practices, while also monitoring them.


Two different kinds of ecological 65 % recycled polyester, 35 % organic cotton woven fabrics. Both are strong and tighly woven materials with good abrasion resistant properties. The materials are wind resistant due to its tight weave yet breathable - the surface is water and dirt repellent with natural wax and Nikwax Cotton ProofTM. Nikwax Cotton ProofTM can be retreated when needed.

  • Quality 31 - Heavy Sasta Weight Natural Wax Proof - Very strong and tightly woven canvas fabric. Extremely durable, for hardwearing.
  • Quality 33 - Classic Sasta Natural Wax Proof - Strong and tighly woven. Cool and highly breathable.


Recycled wool is made from recycled fabrics and old scraps of knitwear, spun together with virgin fibres using the traditional recycling techniques of Italy´s Prato Green district. Recycled Wool is virtually water repellent and washable field wool. The material is highly breathable, warm and wind resistant fabric due its boiled and tightly woven structure.


Wool is a breathable material with excellent thermal insulation properties. It absorbs and transfers moisture effectively, without ever feeling wet. It is the only fibre that keeps you warm even when it is wet. Wool has natural water- and dirt-repelling properties, and it is easy to keep clean by airing.


Ventile® is a densely woven, very breathable and durable fabric from 100% cotton. Ventile® is not coated or laminated. Instead, the cotton fibres swell when wet, making the fabric tight and water-repellent. Thus the fabric provides excellent protection against wind, rain, snow, and cold.


Cotton is a soft, breathable material that absorbs moisture extremely well. Organic cotton is produced without harmful fertilisers, with minimal effect on the environment.


GORE-TEX® membrane is the core of GORE-TEX® products. It keeps the rain and wind at bay while letting the moisture from the body out. W. L. Gore & Associates has developed a variety of GORE-TEX® membranes, for a wide range of purposes. With the optimal membrane for every activity, GORE-TEX® products keep you dry and comfortable.

Protects you in any weather and keeps external moisture out. GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY.

Prevents the chilling effect of the wind, keeping your skin warm.

Lets the moisture from your body out, thus controlling overheating of the body.
Also helps you maintain your performance and concentration abilities.


Traditional hunting garments often have a Z-Liner construction. A GORE-TEX® membrane laminated to a light fabric forms a Z-Liner lining between the surface material and the inner lining, in both jackets and trousers.


The GORE-TEX® membrane is laminated to the mesh lining of the garment. The surface material of the jacket or trousers is separate from this lining.


Two-layer GORE-TEX® material is excellently suited to most outdoor activities. The GORE-TEX® membrane has been laminated to the surface material. A separate lining improves the comfort and versatility of the garment.


GORE-TEX® 3-Layer is the optimal material for extreme conditions. The three-layer structure has an effective GORE-TEX® membrane, joined to both the surface material and the heavy-duty inner lining. Since the various layers cannot rub against each other, the wear-resistance of the garment is excellent. The products are light and comfortable.


Gore-Tex® InfiniumTM garments offer maximum breathability and are completely windproof, enabling you to give a top performance even during extreme physical exertion.

Completely windproof structure
Protects your body’s micro-climate from the chilling effects of the wind.

Maximum breathability
Dispels the moisture produced by the body, thus preventing overheating and keeping moisture from collecting inside the garment.


Elastic in four directions, Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro™ material is a closely fitting resilient knitted fabric that keeps your skin dry and warm. The outer shell of the material (polyester) is windproof, breathable, and resistant to rubbing. The inner surface (brushed polyester) transfers the moisture away from the skin, keeping you dry and comfortable. The material can be used for both under-layer and intermediate-layer garments.


Kenytex® is a hardwearing fabric made of polyester and Kevlar® brand fabric. This super protective material, with superior strength and durability is made of 93 % polyester, 7 % Kevlar®. The material is easy to care, and is water, oil and soil repellent.

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